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Each year India celebrates its Freedom Day on the 15th of Admirable. It was on this day in 1947 that India picked up freedom from the Joined together Kingdom. The day includes a surprising put in Indian history as the Indian Constituent Gathering was allowed Authoritative sway by the Parliament of the Joined together Kingdom.

India celebrates its Freedom Day with interminable energy and passion. People throughout the nation; come out on lanes, to require portion within the celebrations, overlooking their statistic contrasts of caste, religion or culture. Individuals adore to carry their national hail with pride on this day and sing national song of devotion or any other energetic melody.

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Long and Brief Essay on Independence Day in English

Independence Day is one of the foremost critical celebrations of India. The day lets us to celebrate within the soul of opportunity. We must moreover recognize the truth that we picked up freedom, since we battled for it together; it is as it were by remaining together that we'll be able to ensure our independence, any encourage. Underneath, we have given a few viably composed paper on Freedom Day, which can be valuable for school going children amid Autonomy Day occasions.

We have given here both, brief exposition on Freedom Day and long exposition on Autonomy Day for your effortlessness and to fulfill all sorts of require related to Freedom Day exposition. Our brief expositions are composed in exceptionally simple dialect so that understudies from classes 1, 2, and 3 can effortlessly studied and learn. Our long expositions are exceptionally significant and valuable for understudies of higher classes. These imaginatively composed expositions will be demonstrated exceptionally valuable in your essay composing competition, section composing, wrangles about, etc held in your school or other inter-school competitions. By going through these papers you may know almost freedom day in detail such as history, exercises, noteworthiness, celebrations in schools, colleges, national capital, etc.

Independence Day Essay 1 - 100 words

The date, 15th of August, from 1947 in India has ended up an awfully critical day within the Indian history. It was the happiest day of year 1947 when India got to be free after parts of difficult battle and sacrifices of the Indian opportunity warriors. We won freedom after a difficult battle.

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When India got its freedom, the public of India had chosen their to begin with Prime Minister, Savant Jawaharlal Nehru who had unfurled the tricolor National Hail at the Red Fort within the national capital, Unused Delhi for the primary time. All the individuals celebrate this extraordinary day with incredible delight every year.

Freedom Day Essay 2 - 150 words

India got freedom on 15th of admirable in 1947, so people of India celebrate this special day every year as the Freedom Day on 15th of august. Within the occasion celebration, organized within the National Capital, New Delhi, the Prime Serve of India spread out the National Hail within the early morning at the Ruddy fortification where millions of individuals take part within the Autonomy Day ceremony.

During the celebration at Red Fort, Modern Delhi, many tasks including March past are performed by the Indian armed force and social occasions by the school understudies are performed. After the national Hail facilitating and national Anthem (JANA GANA MANA) recitation, the prime serve of India gives his yearly speech.

At India’s Freedom Day, we commemorate all the awesome identities who had played their vital part within the freedom of India. Amid the Autonomy Day celebration, the National Banners are too facilitated in school and colleges where numerous exercises are performed by the instructors and understudies.

Freedom Day Essay 3 - 200 words

In India, Autonomy Day is celebrated by the individuals of all religions, societies and conventions with incredible bliss and joy. Freedom Day in India is watched on 15th of Admirable each year from 1947 as our nation got to be free on the same day from the control of British run the show nearly after 200 a long time of subjugation.

It has been pronounced as the national occasion when all the schools (government or private), workplaces, colleges, colleges, instructive educate, organizations, companies and etc., stay closed. It is celebrated with huge excitement in each schools, colleges and other instructive educate by the understudies.

They take part and perform in moving, dramatization, singing, playing indoor games, open air sports, social exercises, quiz competitions, grants distribution, etc., amid celebration. To begin with of all the National hail is spread out by the chief visitor or School Central, National Anthem is sung with flute and drum and after that walk past and parade within the roads takes put.

A huge celebration occasion is organized by the government of India at the Rajpath, India Door within the National Capital, Modern Delhi where individuals of all religion, culture and convention accumulate to tune in the enthusiastic discourse of our Prime Serve.By celebrating this occasion we commemorate those all incredible individuals who had sacrificed their lives and cherished ones in making India an Independent country.

Autonomy Day Essay 4 - 250 words

Independence Day in India is celebrated as national occasion each year on 15th of August when individuals keep in mind the long occasion of autonomy of our Country from the British run the show. India got autonomy on Admirable 15th in 1947 after lots of development of Autonomy during which numerous flexibility warriors sacrificed their lives. After freedom, Jawaharlal Nehru got to be to begin with Indian Prime Minister on 17th of Admirable in 1947 who raised the National Hail at Red Fort, near Lahore Gate in Delhi.

Understudies, instructors, guardians and other individuals come together to celebrate the Independence Day by spreading out the National Hail and singing National Song of devotion. Out tricolor National Hail is additionally facilitated by the Indian prime minster within the National capital, Unused Delhi at Ruddy Fortification. After that the salute is given by terminating 21 weapons and tricolor blossom showering is held on the hail with helicopter. The tricolor of our Hail speaks to saffron for mettle and give up, white for peace and truth and green for confidence and chivalry.

There's an Ashok chakra within the middle of our Hail which contains 24 spikes distributed equally. At this extraordinary day we keep in mind the awesome penances of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, Raj Master, Gandhiji and other challenged flexibility warriors for their exceptional commitment within the freedom of India. Understudies grant discourse on the subjects of opportunity warriors on the Autonomy day celebration in schools.

They too include in parade, walk past, singing enthusiastic tunes, etc. Other individuals celebrate this day concurring to their own way such as observing energetic motion pictures, going exterior to domestic with family, meet with companions or take part within the occasions organized in open places.

Autonomy Day Essay 5 - 300 words

Autonomy Day is celebrated by the individuals of India each year on 15th of Admirable as a National Occasion to commemorate the autonomy of India from the Kingdom of Extraordinary Britain on 15th of August in 1947. At this day, individuals of India pay generously tribute to the awesome pioneers within the authority of whom India got to be free until the end of time.

At this day, individuals celebrate in their possess way by buying tricolor Hail, observing motion pictures based on flexibility warriors, tuning in enthusiastic melodies, holding with family and companions, partaking in extraordinary challenges, programs, and articles organized by the broadcast, print and online media to advance the mindfulness almost day.

Jawaharlal Nehru got to be our to begin with Prime Serve after the freedom of India on 17th of Eminent 1947 who raised the Hail at Lahore Entryway of Ruddy Post in Delhi and given a discourse. This marvel is taken after by the other ensuing Prime Priests of India where hail lifting ceremonies, parades, walk past, salute by 21 weapons and other social occasions are organized. Other individuals celebrate this day by raising national hail on their dress, homes or vehicles.

On the midnight of 15th Admirable in 1947,Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had declared the autonomy of India by reading out his discourse on “Tryst with destiny”. He said that after long a long time of servitude, it is the time when we are going recover our pledge with the conclusion of our ill fortune.

India could be a nation where millions of individuals live together whether they have a place to different religion, societies or conventions and celebrate this uncommon event with extraordinary delight. At this day, as being an Indian, we ought to feel glad and must take an vow to keep ourselves loyal and enthusiastic in arrange to spare our country from any sort of assault or mortification by other countries.

Independence Day Paper 6 (400 words)

Autonomy Day in India is the foremost vital day for each Indian citizen as our nation got opportunity from the British run the show. We celebrate this day each year on 15th of Admirable from 1947. Our nation is numbered as the world’s largest democracy all over the world.

India got to be an free nation on 15th of Admirable in 1947 after penances of thousands of opportunity warriors (such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad, Sukhdev, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Lala Lajpat Rai, Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak, Chandra Shekhar Azad, etc) who worked difficult to induce freedom from the British run the show.

Each and each Indian celebrate his/her freedom in their possess way such as brightening their places of celebration, raising National Hail, walk past, watching favourite motion pictures, moving within the roads, singing National Song of devotion or energetic tunes or taking an interest in numerous social exercises organized at open places. Autonomy Day is celebrated by the government of India each year when the current Prime Serve of India raises out tricolor national hail at the Ruddy Post in Delhi taken after by Indian armed force parade, walk past, National Song of devotion recitation, speech and other social exercises.

Freedom Day in India is celebrated with the National Hail salute by the 21 weapons terminating. Additionally Freedom Day celebration takes put in each states of the nation where Senator and the Chief Serve of the states gotten to be primary visitors. A few individuals get arranged within the early morning and hold up for the discourse of the Indian Prime Serve at TV. On 15th of August individuals get propelled with the history of India’s autonomy and do a few social activities like that and observe motion pictures based on the energetic topics.

The awesome non-violence development of the Mahatma Gandhi, Bapu, makes a difference a lot to our flexibility warriors to urge opportunity from the British run the show after 200 long a long time of battle. The difficult battle for Autonomy of India has worked as a colossal moving constrain for each Indian which tie them together at one put whether they have a place to diverse castes, classes, societies to custom convictions to battle them from British run the show for their rights. Indeed ladies (Aruna Asaf Ali, Vijay LaxmiPandit, Sarojine Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Kamala Nehru, Annie Besant, etc.) came out from their houses and played their extraordinary part in getting opportunity.

Freedom Day Paper 7 - 600 Words


Freedom Day is one of the national celebrations of India with the other two being Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti. It is celebrated on the 15th of August each year ever since India got freedom from the British rule in 1947. The day celebrates flexibility and autonomy within the genuine sense.

History behind Independence Day

India was ruled by the British for nearly two centuries. The citizens of our nation endured at the hands of the dictator British authorities for a long time until they at long last overseen to accumulate quality and battle them. They battled for the autonomy of our nation sacrificially and energetically under the authority of nationalists such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh. Whereas a few of these leaders pushed the way of non-violence others took to forceful means to battle the British.

In any case, the extreme point of all of them was to drive the British out of the nation. After various opportunity developments, dissents and sacrifices, our nation at last got freedom on 15th Admirable 1947 which was announced as the Freedom Day of our nation.

Why do We Celebrate Freedom Day?

We celebrate Autonomy Day to celebrate the soul of freedom and freedom. It is additionally celebrated to commemorate the sacrifices of our flexibility warriors. This day may be a update that the opportunity we appreciate nowadays has been earned the difficult way which we must esteem it as well as make the foremost of it for our great and the great of our country.

By way of Freedom Day celebrations each year the more youthful era is familiar with the battles of the individuals who lived in British colonized India. The celebration may be a way of conjuring enthusiastic sentiments among the individuals of our nation to energize them to remain joined together and work for its improvement.

Activities on Freedom Day

Freedom Day is celebrated with awesome enthusiasm in numerous parts of our nation. Different enormous and little occasions are organized in schools, colleges, workplaces and private societies to celebrate this day. Here are a few of the exercises done on Freedom Day:

Hail Lifting: On this day, the Prime Minister of our nation lifts the Indian National Hail at Red Fort. This can be taken after by 21 weapon shots within the respect of the event. Hail lifting is done as a portion of the Freedom Day celebration all through the nation.

Talks/ Debates/ Quiz and Speeches are conveyed as a portion of Autonomy Day celebration in schools, colleges and other places. Talk about and test competitions are moreover held in instructive establishing. Exposition composing and portray competitions are too organized to celebrate this day.

Favor Dress Competitions: Fancy dress competitions are held in schools and private social orders. Little kids are seen dressed up as flexibility warriors.

Kite Flying Competition: Kite flying competitions are too held on this day. Various colourful packs are seen flying within the sky. Typically seen as a stamp of flexibility.

Sweet Dispersion: Desserts are conveyed after hail hoisting.

Importance of Autonomy Day

Independence Day holds uncommon centrality for each Indian. It could be a day that reminds them of the battle and penances of the flexibility warriors. It motivates the youth of the country to stand for the respect of the nation. It fills the hearts of the individuals with patriotism and they are motivated to work for the great of their nation. The soul of patriotism is seen over the nation especially on this extraordinary day.


Freedom Day is celebrated with monstrous enthusiasm all over our nation. Individuals of all ages come forward to celebrate this day. Melodies are sung in commend of the opportunity warriors as well as our country. Individuals are seen dressed up in tri-colour. The sky appears full of kites and there's bliss all around.

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Autonomy Day Essay 8 (1000 Words)


The day on which India achieved authoritative sway through an act passed by the parliament of Joined together Kingdom, is celebrated as the Autonomy Day of India. The Indian Freedom Act passed by the Parliament of Joined together Kingdom on 15th Admirable 1947, exchanged all the authoritative powers to the Indian Constituent Gathering, which was constituted to type in the Structure of India. It was an result of a long fight applying the standards of non viciousness and gracious disobedience, against the suppressions of British Empire.

Autonomy Day – Foundation

Some of the time amid the 17th Century British came to India appearing exchanging interface within the sub landmass. They were amazed by the thriving of kingdoms and wealthy topography of the sub landmass. Gradually they begun making toehold into the country by expanding exchanging exercises. Here, came to the fore “East India Company” which was assumed to be a exchanging company announcing to its board of executives in London; all things considered, looking at the boundless riches openings that the subcontinent advertised, East India Company, compellingly involved powers of the government and legal. This period of Indian history from 1757 to 1858 is named as the “Company Rule”.

Things went on the same until the disobedience of 1857, when the rule of East India Company in India was exchanged to Ruler Victoria through Government of India Act 1857. This Act built up the British Crown as the extreme ruler of India.

Within the taking after decades, respectful social orders and political parties in India continuously got to be strong, demanding self rule or Swaraj. A long fight of non violence and non participation resulted, at last coming about in India accomplishing freedom on 15th Eminent 1947.

Noteworthiness of Freedom Day

Freedom was picked up after about two centuries of oppression beneath, firstly, the East India company and furthermore the British Crown. It was a period of untrustworthy suppression and colossal abuse of our assets at the hands of Britishers.

Kingdoms were mightily possessed, lords were ousted and rebuffed for no clear reason, ranchers and little dealers were made powerless by forcing unused charge laws. The complete country had felt the torment of oppression, for each minute beneath the Crown. It was hence a enormous accomplishment and a reason to celebrate when autonomy was at last picked up on 15th August 1947.

The centrality of the day is characterized by the penances made by our opportunity warriors and other countrymen, within the battle for autonomy. Millions of Indians have lost their lives within the flexibility battle. The day reminds us to commemorate those who have sacrificed their all to create us breathe in flexibility.

Autonomy Day too reminds us that we were able to break free from shackles of British Domain, since we battled against it, joined together. Individuals from distinctive religions, caste, monetary foundation, culture, battled together decreasing their statistic contrasts.Hence, the day reminds us to remain joined together because it the key to remain secure and autonomous.

Freedom Day Celebrations

Freedom Day of India is celebrated as a National Celebration in India. Individuals having a place to diverse religion, caste and culture celebrate the day together, imbued with the emotions of patriotism and patriotism. The happy fervor might well be seen on the roads, workplaces, schools, colleges, houses, all through the country. The discuss resounds with enthusiastic tunes and national anthem. Fluttering tricolor of different shapes and sizes may be a common locate on the day.

Underneath we'll go through subtle elements of celebrations in some of the critical areas of the country.

Celebrations at Delhi

National capital Delhi is the center for the foremost recognized Freedom Day celebrations. On the evening some time recently Freedom Day, Prime Serve of India addresses the country on Tele Vision, praising citizens and recalling the opportunity warriors.

Following day, huge crowd developed at the Red Fort to witness hail lifting ceremony by the Prime Minister. Thousands of individuals from over the nation and a few dignitaries are present to honor the national hail and to witness the occasions taking after it.

Hail raising is concurrently taken after by the singing of national song of devotion and after that a 21 weapon salute within the respect of the Prime Serve. After the weapon salute, the Prime Serve once once more addresses the country and recollects the freedom fighters and their battles.

The discourse is taken after by a walk past by Indian armed force and other outfitted powers. Tableaus portraying devout and social legacy of different Indian states, too take portion within the parade.

Celebrations in Schools and Workplaces

Schools, colleges and workplaces all through India celebrate Freedom Day with nearly break even with energy and eagerness. Support of children within the celebrations is more unmistakable and they appear to be at the middle of all the preparations. Celebrations start with the head of the institution raising the national hail in nearness of understudies and other staff individuals.

A few competitions, social occasions, plays are organized in schools by the children themselves, as a memory of India’s flexibility battle additionally to commemorate the great freedom warriors. Children get dressed up as various freedom warriors and cry celebrated mottos of Indian battle – “Inquilab Zindabad”, “Jai Hind”, “Vande Matram” etc. School moreover disperses desserts among the understudies and staff individuals to celebrate the day.

The celebration in workplaces is additionally celebrated with the same enthusiastic enthusiasm; in spite of the fact that, with marginally diverse occasions. Hail lifting is obligatory in all government educate, with required participation. The hail ceremony is taken after by addresses by the staff individuals, which ordinarily may be a commemoration of opportunity warriors and memory of the opportunity battle.

Individuals within the roads as well are seen welcoming each other and buying tricolors to decorate their housesand vehicles. In 2002 Hail code of India was amended to permit private citizens to show the hail, but with certain rules and controls.


Freedom Day of India could be a National celebration celebrated with the feeling of patriotism and patriotism, all through the nation. The nation reverberates with merry fervor and pride in its unity and diversity. The beating of drums in conjunction with the singing of national song of devotion fills the heart with a awesome sense of patriotism. It is essentially a celebration of Freedom; by the by, it is additionally a celebration of “unity in diversity” of India. In addition, the government has pronounced 15th August as a national occasion to form beyond any doubt merely take an interest within the celebrations, without any fear or obstacles.

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