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 Essay on Raksha Bandhan:

Fairs and Festivals are very important to us. They are really important in our lives. We always attend our Festivals. Festivals show what our religion and culture are like. They make us remember our amazing past. The Raksha Bandhan Festival is a celebration of love and friendship. Sisters tie special threads to their brothers' wrists to remind them of their important duties. In all of India, sisters, whether they are married or unmarried, young or old, go to see their brothers. They tie a pretty thread on their brothers' wrists and in return, the brothers promise to keep their sisters safe from bad things.

The term 'Raksha Bandhan' is very important and has a deep meaning. Raksha means keeping safe and Bandhan means a close connection. It is a special day to celebrate the pure love and protection between a brother and sister. This Festival stands for love and getting along with others. This event happens in August. According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated when the moon is fully visible in the sky. Usually, the Festival is celebrated by people who come from the northern and western regions of India. This event has different names in different parts of the country. Some people call this celebration 'Rakhi Purnima', while others call it 'Kajri Purnima'. In lots of states, this Festival is seen as a special day for farmers and women with sons. During this time, individuals show their respect and devotion to Lord Shiva. According to tradition, the Sisters get ready a plate with a candle, red powder, rice, and Rakhis. First, she talks to God and then ties a special string called Rakhi to her brothers. She hopes for their happiness and good health. The Brother promises to always be there for the Sister and gives her a gift as a symbol of love.

ghar me aap bhi banayein masala soya chaap ghar wale karenge taarif


Agreeing to the Indian traditions, this thread was not as it were tied around the wrists of Brothers by their Sisters but moreover in old times the modern clerics tied this guarding string to the wrists of their rulers. As per the Hindu mythology, Master Indra’s spouse, Sachi tied a bracelet to Indra to ensure him from the fiendish ruler Bali. So within the western states of India, the spouses conduct this ceremony with their spouses. There are numerous authentic pieces of prove, which remind us almost the importance of this Celebration and each time this Celebration emphasizes the same values, which have been blended beside the Celebration. There's moreover an age-old story behind this event. It is said that Rani Karnavati of Mewar sent Rakhi to the Mughal Sovereign Humayun entreating him for offer assistance from Sultan Bahadur Shah. Humayun acquiesced to the ask and he made a difference her out of the emergency. A Greek woman too did the same to Porus. The final Mughal head Bahadur Shah Zafar requested that Raksha Bandhan ought to be celebrated with ceremony and appear. Amid the British run the show, this Celebration was celebrated to advance companionship and solidarity among all communities. Rabindranath Tagore moreover looked for the medium of Rakhi to halt the parcel of Bengal.


The joy and excitement to celebrate this Celebration is seen a few days some time recently the Celebration. The markets are full of excellent coloured Rakhis. These days, it has ended up a taking off trade. Numerous shopkeepers’ sole trade is buying and offering Rakhis. The markets are decked like a bride, all colourful and radiance. There are assortments of Rakhis accessible within the showcase extending from moo to tall. The Sisters purchase Rakhis and tie them around the wrists of their Brothers together with roli and rice on their brows. They wish for the thriving and long life of their Brothers and in return, Brothers take a promise to secure their Sisters and assure them, protect, amid any emergency. For all families, the Raksha Bandhan Celebration may be a implies of family union. Delicious nourishment, desserts, etc. are cooked on this favorable day. Family individuals too trade Endowments with other great wishers and relatives and share their person encounters of life. In a few conventions particularly in Rajasthan, the hitched ladies tie Rakhis to their spouses to look for security from all fiendish. These days indeed Sisters tie Rakhis to Sisters. In any case, the pith of the Celebration remains the same.

One-liners for Raksha Bandhan Essay:

Raksha Bandhan is an old Hindu Indian celebration that takes place between brothers and sisters.

Everyone who is related by blood can come to the celebration.

It can be enjoyed by two people who are very close and have a strong bond of brotherhood and friendship.

In simpler terms, a sister ties a thread called Rakhi on her brother's wrist. The brother promises to protect and take care of his sister for the rest of their lives.

It's a happy event that people celebrate enthusiastically.

On the special day of Rakhi, Brothers and Sisters give presents to each other.

On this day, delicious food is made.

On this day, people wear new traditional clothing.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates friendship, working together, helping each other, and love.

Some ideas for a short essay about Raksha Bandhan are:

The Raksha Bandhan Festival is a celebration in India that is mainly observed by Hindu families. It shows the strong bond between brothers and sisters.

Public celebrations are events that happen outside of people's homes, like fairs and community activities. These events happen along with celebrations that are held in homes. A week before the Festival, the Sisters begin getting ready for the activities. They gather in busy markets to buy fancy and beautiful bracelets called Rakhis. Many women prefer to make their own Rakhis.

The Brothers get ready for the event by buying candies, chocolates, and gifts for their Sisters. The ceremony strengthens the love and friendship between two people.

The Hindu Festival of 'Raksha Bandhan' is famous. It is also called the 'Rakhi' Festival. According to the Hindu calendar, it happens on the full moon day in the month of Shravan. In India, it is a special day that everyone celebrates.

The words 'Raksha' and 'Bandhan' both mean 'protection' and 'binding. ' So, 'Raksha Bandhan' means 'Bond of Protection. ' On this day, sisters show their love for their brothers by tying a special band on their wrists. The thread is called "Rakhi". The Brothers promise to protect their Sisters forever in return. On Raksha Bandhan, Brothers and Sisters show their love for each other and strengthen their spiritual bond.

Raksha Bandhan is an occasion where we tie a protective knot. Raksha Bandhan is also called Rakhi Purnima because it takes place on a full moon day. In the Hindu calendar, it happens on Shravan Purnima. In the English calendar, the month of Sawan is either the seventh or eighth month of the year.

During this event, his sister does a few things for him. She lights a lamp, gives him some sweets to eat, and puts a mark on his forehead before tying a Rakhi around his wrist. This whole process happens during the special time when Rakhi is tied. Before tying a sacred thread called Rakhi on their brother's wrist, sisters usually observe a religious tradition of fasting.


The Festival of Raksha Bandhan represents the belief of all people being like brothers and sisters and also celebrates the Indian culture. This Rakhi Festival brings people together regardless of their caste, creed, or religion. It is based on sacred feelings.

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